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Janelle is such a GREAT PROFESSIONAL employee, she is definitely a keeper! -

Moneytree Response: Thank you, Viki for your feedback. We're happy Janelle was able to provide you with excellent customer service during your visit. Our team members work hard to make sure your experience is a positive one. Thank you for choosing Moneytree. We appreciate your business.

You're the best!


Janelle was very professional and pleasant. You're the best! -



Small Loans range from $100 - $500, in even hundred dollar increments.

The cost of a loan is set as follows:

  • Interest Rate: 45% per annum simple interest
  • Origination Fee: 20% of the amount financed for the first $300 and 7.5% of the amount financed on amounts above $300
  • Maintenance Fee: 7.5% of the amount financed up to a maximum of $30 per month (this fee is waived during the first month of the loan)
Loan payments will be set up in six substantially equal installments, starting one month from the date you take out the loan.

View Example Loan Fees

Check Cashing

Check Cashing Rates

Payroll Check: 1.9%
Payroll Check (Handwritten): 1.9%
Government Check: 1.9%
Personal (1st and 2nd Party): 5.9%
Money Orders: 5.9%
Insurance Drafts: 5.9%
Cashier's Check: 5.9%
Tax Check: 1.9%
Moneytree Money Order: 1.0%
Other Checks: 5.9%

Business Check Cashing Rates

Business Owners: Ask about special rates.

In addition, a $.99 fee is charged on transactions over $20.00.

Other Services

Money Orders

Up to $1000: $1.00 ea.
With Check Cashing or Loan Transaction: Free

Postal Services

Stamps: Face Value
Book of Stamps: Face Value

Additional Services

Fax per Page: $2.00
Cash Withdrawal: Ask for Details

Western Union

Western Union: Fees to send money vary depending on the dollar amount sent.

CheckFreePay Bill Payments

Standard 3 to 4 Business Days: $1.50
Next Day: $2.50
Visa / Mastercard: $2.50


Janelle was very professional and had a great attitude. She is a keeper!


Janelle was very professional and had a great attitude. She is a keeper! -

Every time I go to Moneytree the service is excellent.


Every time I go to Moneytree the service is excellent. The courtesy of all the tellers makes my experience very memorable. I would recommend Moneytree because of all the services they provide. -

Moneytree exceeded my expectations!


Moneytree exceeded my expectations because there were no hassles. Natalie made the payday loan process easy and enjoyable! Moneytree offers easy and fast services. -

Very nice and kind!


Kiantha always has a great attitude and is very nice and kind! -

I was impressed with the level of customer service offered and the happy and cheerful staff.


Tracie was kind and polite. She treated me with respect and worked to help me qualify for a payday loan. I was impressed with the level of customer service offered and the happy and cheerful staff. -

Moneytree exceeds my expectations!


Moneytree exceeds my expectations because I never have to ask for anything – it is all offered. The tellers are always kind and personable, which makes my experience very pleasurable. Moneytree really takes care of their customers! -