Moneytree Gold Buying Process
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Bring in the gold items you’d like to sell. We will test and weigh your gold, and give you a quote to purchase your gold for FREE! Our offer is based on the gold content and weight of your scrap gold items. And if your gold sale is greater than $300, we'll give you a $25 gift card of your choice.

Our simple gold buying process works like this:
  • Bring us your unwanted, unused or scrap gold jewelry.
  • We will use a magnet to test for other metals.
  • We look for visually identifying marks ("14k" or "18k.")
  • We verify our findings with a gold testing instrument.
  • We make you an offer based on the weight and value of the gold content in your items.
  • If you accept the offer, we perform a "scratch test" to confirm the item is not plated.
  • After we confirm the gold content, we’ll process the transaction and you receive your cash immediately!
Example of Moneytree's gold buying process:

John and Susan recently moved, and in the process they came across some old unused gold jewelry. John collected all of the unused jewelry and decided to go to Moneytree. When John arrived at Moneytree, he was greeted by a friendly team member who invited him over to assist with his transaction. John handed the team member his unused gold jewelry and watched as a magnet was used to see if magnetic base metals were present. Next, it was thoroughly inspected it for visually identifying marks that may indicate the karat of each piece. The team member then used a testing instrument to confirm her findings and printed a preliminary offer for John to consider. John happily accepted the offer and agreed to have the team member conduct a scratch test. Once the gold content was confirmed, John received his cash, and he left the branch a happy Moneytree customer.

What is karat weight and how is it calculated?

Gold is measured in karats. The number of karats determines the amount of pure gold contained in each piece. Pure gold, or 24 karat gold, is a soft metal which is rarely used by itself when making jewelery. To make pure gold harder and workable, a small amount of other metals are added. A karat weight is defined based on the ratio of pure gold vs. the amount of other metals added to the gold. Moneytree buys your scrap gold based on the value of it's gold content.

Karat Weight Table:

The spot price of gold fluctuates with the market and estimations are to be used as guidelines only. Payouts will vary depending on actual market value at the time of the transaction.

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